I.D. Viral Silhar

The proprietor of Door Step Interiors, Mr. Viral Silhar dreamt of following the craft of interior design in the year 1982, when in this time period only traditional craftsmen were fulfilling the needs of the clients. Silhar has created his own niche in the highly competitive industry of design. The essence of his work is captured best when he knows his patrons are at the same wavelength, and are willing to live in a home rather than a well designed house.

While putting up my own bedroom, without the formal knowledge of interior designing I thought of becoming an interior designer myself and fill the void in this field in Saurashtra region of Gujarat." - I.D. Viral Silhar.

After Post Graduation I worked for 3 years with Mr. Sunil Sadekar of U.S. Interiors, Mumbai as a Chief Designer. Also gained 2 years of working experience with Mr.Ajit Bhuta & Associates, Nariman Point, Mumbai as a Chief Designer.

He is the Proprietor of DoorStep Interiors at present and with a work experience of 27 years and more ahead. working globally and based as Rajkot, Gujarat.

He has designed more than 20 Lac square feet of commercial, hospitality, retail and institutional spaces and numerous residential projects.

I.D. Maan Silhar

The Head Designer of Door Step Interiors, Ms. Maan Silhar who also happens to be the daughter of the Proprietor Mr. Viral Silhar dreamt of following her father's footsteps in the field of Interior Design since Childhood. Ms. Silhar also being a fine artist chose to pursue a professional Degree Course in Interior Design in the Year 2009.

As Ms. Silhar's been looking up to her father in this field since childhood, the perspective of her design methodology got matured and efficient by fusing in the two different generations of design culture in one.

"Since I have grew up in a strong background following Interior Design makes me very fortunate enough getting professionally skilled by my father in this field before entering into a Degree Course of Interior Design. Which made me have a very firm withhold over my personal design methodology, Strategies & Techniques before I could get refined and polished in a Design Institute. This has resulted in me creating spaces which Juxtapose Design from past to present to future and also a fusion of all the eras according to the clientele, leaving a very impressive statement of design on the end product meeting all the needs & wants of the end user." -I.D. Maan Silhar

Before and after graduation, worked for a total of 2 years with Mr. Viral Silhar of Door Step Interiors, Saurashtra region in Gujarat as a Head Designer. Also gained experience in furniture design and Italian Furniture Consultancy since 2010.Has worked on numerous project categories like commercial, residential, institutional and hospitality with Door Step Interiors.

Now has taken an initiative and expanded her company Door Step Interiors by opening up a branch in Mumbai, Maharashtra from the Year 2015 as a Head Designer of the company.